Bcash "Burning" BCH

Antpool / Bitmain have put out the following statement:

“Some BITCOIN CASH (BCH) investors may have noticed that Antpool has recently begun burning BCH by sending mining fees to a black hole address with each block mined. Twelve percent of...

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Another Effort to Bail out Ethereum

For those of you who thought Ethereum and Bitcoin live in the same space, think again. Bitcoin hasn’t been bailed out once, it cannot be. For anybody unsure, this should be a clear warning signal, Ethereum is not a currency.

EIP 999: Restore C...

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The State of Software Development in 2017



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Facebook / Privacy

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Bitcoin is not an investment, Bitcoin is an ideal.


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Coinbase has been cleaning out people’s bank accounts for a couple of days now, without any authorisations from anyone.

“A growing number of Coinbase customers are complaining that the cryptocurrency exchange withdrew unauthorized mo...

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Tracking via CSS

Webpage tracking only using CSS (and no JS)


“Proof of concept for website tracking/analytics using only CSS and without JavaScript.”


“The only way that is known to me currently is, to disable CSS for a webpage completely (you...

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The Current State of Bcash

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Facebook Locks Out Users - Demands Selfies

I can’t actually believe that people still have and use Facebook accounts.

Facebook Comes Up with Another Intrusive Security “Feature” – Upload Your Picture or Risk Getting Locked Out of Your Account


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Using well defined bytes to categorise data, can be very efficient. As opposed to strings or integers.


var status = 0x00 // This means the data is perhaps not ready to be processed?

// Check if the data is ready to be processed

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