SEC Rules ICOs as Securities

The SEC released a statement yesterday, concluding that DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organisations) tokens would be seen and dealt with as securities and as such, would be subject to federal securities laws. Regardless of whether these...

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Flash Is Dead

Flash has finally been put to bed by Adobe. I’ve up with Flash content in my browsers and as much it has been largely a bane and a security nightmare, it’s provided us with interactive content otherwise not possible or not feasible to develop....

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Bitcoin Price Ticker

Busy working on a Bitcoin Price ticker which runs as a service and grabs the current exchange rates from various exchanges.

Check it out here: kyco.bitcoin.currency.tickers.

I’ll be adding exchanges as time goes on.


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Bitcoin Scaling Debate

Johnny vs Roger Ver & Jake


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Bitcoin Unlimited Nodes Crash

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Unlimited has lost more than half of it’s nodes due to a bug in their code, which has existed for almost a year, according to Peter Todd.

coin dance nodes

The bug, which implicitly trusts all incoming user and network data and ran...

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How Do We Scale Bitcoin?

Over the last, 2 to 3 years, Bitcoin has been facing the same question, that any other network faces at some point; how do we scale this?


Bitcoin is a peer to peer payments network, comparable only to cash or gold. While it differs in man...

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Golang Optimisation

I’m busy optimising a golang service I wrote. Golang has a fantastic tool called pprof for exactly this purpose.

go tool pprof -pdf http://localhost:8080/debug/pprof/profile > report.pdf

Do Not Concatenate

Well, sounds a little misle...

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Glenn Greenwald: Why Privacy Matters


0:11 - There is an entire genre of YouTube videos devoted to an experience which I am certain that everyone in this room has had. It entails an individual who, thinking they’re alone, engages in some expressive behavior — wild sin...

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this is gold

“Proof of Work causes global warming”, people are already claiming this but I think this idea will be more mainstream - We_are_all_satoshi

Technically he’s not wrong but:



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