Facebook doesn’t really offer people any value; except for perceived value.

Real friendships are not formed on Facebook, but rather through interaction and shared history. It’s important to remember this. I have a number of friends in di...

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Wired Forces Ads

If you’re an avid reader of wired.com you might have noticed that they starting to exclude people using adblock from reading their articles. Adblockers, ethics, whatever aside, here’s how to get around it.

If you’ve seen this pup up when tr...

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grep the world!

grep is a wonderful tool that I think those new to Linux should really come to grips with.

Essentially, it allows you to search for strings. Simple as that. However, I recently discovered that grep can also be used to search for strings in file...

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The Cloud

“There is no such thing as ‘the cloud’, it’s only somebody else’s computer”

I’m sorry to burst your buzzword bubble but the cloud doesn’t exist. It’s a meaningless and confusing term that does literally nothing to describe what you’re actu...

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Linux File Permissions

The short and the sweet of it.

Very simple. It’s all just a combination of 1, 2 and 4.

  • 1: represents execution permissions
  • 2: are write permissions to a file
  • 4: is very simply the digit that allows you to read the file

-rw-r–r– is probably the mos...

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Counting Lines of Code with Python

Well, it counts lines in any simple file type (txt, py, cpp, h, .whatever).

You can find the code on kyco’s github page

This is basically just a small python script that counts lines of code in a project.

This was written in Python 2.7 and tested...

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Let’s take a break for a moment from the long ranting posts about how evil banks are and how they’ve lovingly guided as into an abusive system that we’ve grown to rely on.

That’s not what this post is about. I’d like to rather write about somethi...

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#adblockers are the future

We’ve recently seen big companies actively speak out against the use of adblockers online. They’ve come out, almost guns blazing, with severe animosity towards the small plugins/extensions that prevent unwanted advertisements to be d...

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Multi-Dimensional PHP Array Search

Hi Guys

I’m busy with a really cool PHP project. I thought today, I would share a multi-dimensional search function that you can use in PHP.

###Multi-Dimensional PHP Array Search


    $find = What you're searching for
    $array = The array you wan...

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I tell you, we live in a world that never stops innovating. I present to you my latest discovery. FoaaS.

This little gem provides an API which responds different variations and methods of telling the requester to “Fuck Off”. This is the entir...

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