goodbye email signatures

01 Sep 14 - 00:00

Yeah, you read that right. Enough is enough. This is also based on a story I read over at Medium and I thought I would share it with all of you.

The post, essentially, is about an employee at Summit Partners, a renowned venture capitalist firm, who monitored the changes of an email signature and how that change rippled throughout the company. A very interesting read.

It got me thinking, why an email signature? How can I allow something so impersonal to define the the closing state of an email of mine. I understand it in the professional setting and won’t change that, but even then, some people really over do it. Massive pictures detailing most of their companies various slogans. Physical addresses, life mottos and those lovely legal disclaimers (which, btw, can’t be enforced, nor does anybody read them.)

What am I doing then? Glad you asked – I’m removing my email signature on any emails that I have complete control over (minus my companies of course.) Every email you receive from me from now onwards will have an ending that is always personal and not automated.