23 Jul 15 - 04:18

I tell you, we live in a world that never stops innovating. I present to you my latest discovery. FoaaS.

This little gem provides an API which responds different variations and methods of telling the requester to “Fuck Off”. This is the entire extend of the API.


Yeah, sure, you can choose from quite a number of different operations such as:


Will return content of the form 'Fuck off, :name. - :from', e.g. /off/Tom/Chris will return 'Fuck off, Tom - Chris'



Will return content of the form 'Everyone can go and fuck off. - :name', e.g. /everyone/Tom will return 'Everyone can go and fuck off. - Tom'

More importantly, you can even request the response to have a Shakespeare-esque touch to it by passing your data to


Microsoft is about to release it’s biggest operating system yet which runs on any platform, on any device and will change the way we work. Yet they cannot come close to ingenuity of this API. Of this, service to mankind.

We will not forget this.