The Cloud

12 Feb 16 - 05:56

“There is no such thing as ‘the cloud’, it’s only somebody else’s computer”

I’m sorry to burst your buzzword bubble but the cloud doesn’t exist. It’s a meaningless and confusing term that does literally nothing to describe what you’re actually talking about. Every single time somebody mentions ‘the cloud’, everyone in the room needs to stop and ask them to clarify what exactly they are talking about.

To be clear, there are many different variations of what you can do with off site servers. Simply naming them ‘the cloud’ is like describing every body of water as ‘the ocean’. Even when talking about your half empty glass.

You’ve either got a virtual machine which you bought from an online provider, or you have rights to cycles of their precious CPU. Perhaps you are entitled to rearranging some bits on some storage they’ve made available to you. Perhaps you’ve gotten access to an FTP site where the contents is later used to serve web pages or a version control server for your code. Perhaps they have the backend of an ERP system running that you may access via a desktop application and/or web application.

Stop referring to all of those instances as ‘the cloud’. It’s confusing and nobody really knows what you’re talking about. Rather form a coherent sentence like; I have a virtual machine that is running Windows/Linux and I have set it up to do x, y and z.