Wired Forces Ads

19 Feb 16 - 06:11

If you’re an avid reader of wired.com you might have noticed that they starting to exclude people using adblock from reading their articles. Adblockers, ethics, whatever aside, here’s how to get around it.

If you’ve seen this pup up when trying to read a wired article, you’re probably running an adblocker of sorts.


Luckily, they can only detect that you’re running an adblocker by using javascript. Which can easily be prevented from loading as well. Download umatrix from the chrome store. If you’re running Firefox do a quick search for NoScript.

Once you have that installed, go back to the page you were trying to load and click on the umatrix icon in the top right hand corner. You will be met with a menu like this:


Simply click on the bottom half of the highlighted section on line 8 (count includes header, first column starts with www.wired.com). until you see it turn red like the image here:


Reload the article and voilĂ .