19 Feb 16 - 16:10

Facebook doesn’t really offer people any value; except for perceived value.

Real friendships are not formed on Facebook, but rather through interaction and shared history. It’s important to remember this. I have a number of friends in different cities and we keep in touch by calling each other or sending texts or whatever tickles our fancy. Hell we even make a trip over every now and then to see each other.

Facebook cannot and will never replace that. It literally sucks the life out of you and depresses you by forcing glimpses of the seemingly exciting lives of people you don’t even know that well, who care to know.

The ads are not even the worst part of Facebook. It’s this false sense of connection that doesn’t exist.

Not to mention the poor people that spend hours on there reading bulls**t news stories, clicking on fake videos, feeding Facebook’s ranking algorithm with nonsensical data so that it can serve you more nonsense.

I am done.