Power Plays

09 Nov 17 - 15:53

The government is a subservient branch of the people.

It exists to provide infrastructure to the people; for them to flourish and live. It abides by the will of the collective and has no agenda of its own, except that of the interest of the people. It is the support of and for the people. Governments are there to nurture communities that require it, build and maintain common grounds and ensure, rules dictated by the people, are adhered to.

It is small and efficient. It does not burden the people. It is an invisible part of the world, that simply exists by maintaining. Communities take responsibility of their own and are not oblivious to the environment (not restricted to nature).

Likewise, companies create goods and services for the people and they do so by understanding the short comings within the community. They cater to the needs and adjust to align with those needs. Once founded, their responsibility is to the market and they are bound by the will of the people. Companies which do not, fall apart. The people regulate the companies by ensuring that the needs explored, are not those of bad actors.

Any kind of power invested in an entity, forces it into submission by those it has power over. To accept power over something, is to step down from power and accept a serving role.

It is unfortunate when you look around, to see the reality that we have allowed.