Another Effort to Bail out Ethereum

19 Apr 18 - 06:42

For those of you who thought Ethereum and Bitcoin live in the same space, think again. Bitcoin hasn’t been bailed out once, it cannot be. For anybody unsure, this should be a clear warning signal, Ethereum is not a currency.

EIP 999: Restore Contract Code at 0x863DF6BFa4469f3ead0bE8f9F2AAE51c91A907b4

Simple Summary

This document proposes to restore the contract code of the WalletLibrary contract at 0x863DF6BFa4469f3ead0bE8f9F2AAE51c91A907b4 with a patched version. The contract was accidentally self-destructed and renders a significant amount of Ether inaccessible.


The WalletLibrary contract was used by the Parity Wallet to reduce gas costs for users deploying multi-signature wallets on the Ethereum blockchain. It contained basic functionality such as confirming or revoking multi-signature transactions for any wallet deployed that depends on this library. The accidental self-destruction of the library contract caused significant amounts of Ether and other assets owned by many different parties to be inaccessible. This proposal suggests restoring the WalletLibrary by a patched version to allow the owners of the dependent multi-signature wallets regain access to their assets.