Why Macs are Terrible

08 Apr 20 - 09:07

I still have to use one though :/

08 April 2020 - The dongle life is hell.

29 January 2020 - I cannot index the escape key on the keyboard with my finger. Nor can I index the Mission Control key (show all windows) on the keyboard either. I have no idea where it is with the stupid touchbar in place of the fn keys, until I break my workflow and look down at the keyboard. The touchbar also makes it impossible to rely on. Unless you set it to a default in the settings, it constantly changes. Which means, you constantly have to look down and figure out what it is now. It may be something completely different (based on the application you have open).

07 January 2020 - Ctrl+Tab doesn’t cycle through all windows and you need to mentally know to either Ctrl+` when you want to cycle through windows within the same app. Why this mental burden?

20 December 2019 - I have to download an app so that I can split the scroll direction and have a mouse scroll normally without messing up the way the touchpad scrolls.

24 December 2019 - The headphone jack on the 2019 macbook pro is in a really terrible place if you use a mouse.