a flood of energy

24 Aug 14 - 00:00

A team dynamic can make or break any concept

This year has been an incredible journey for everyone at orbis software south africa. We’ve grown as individuals and as a team in ways that cannot be described. The team has been through experiences which have left us facing questions we would rather have ignored. It’s been tough, it’s been a journey I will never forget.

###Who started this? Gerda Christoph - She is the reason we, I, have grown exponentially. She’s lead us through the roller coaster with strength and with vision.

Through Gerda we have found a team that works. She has pulled together people from different industries and background and united them with a common vision that we believe in.

We recently had the utmost pleasure of hiring Loren Mielke. >her presence is something unforgettable, relaxing and exhilarating

I am happy. I am happy to be a part of this team and this vision.

It’s fulfilling